My life has been a blessing and I thank God each and everyday for His guidance and support. I am a guitarist. I’ve been playing in church for over 20 years and I’ve experienced nothing but pure joy being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Even through out my struggles, He has made me stronger.

Now, my vision is to share what I’ve learned over the years, my own experience with Christ, of how He changed my life, my ways of doing things, seeing things through His Love and Kindness for me. I created the radio station to let the world know that He Is Risen Indeed and Alive in me. You’ll find and enjoy Christian songs, sermons, confessions and prayers through my website. Be blessed and happy listening!


Listening to your station, helped me to grow and know that Jesus Loves me regardless of my flaws.

Mark Preston

Teacher, Fort Myers

I really enjoy listening to your site and the messages helped me to get closer to God and I thank you.

Linda Jean

Manager, Washington

I love your radio, very supporting and encouraging, made realized that I am blessed and highly favored.

Laura Pierre

Nurse, MIA

We are an independent, non-profit, online radio Broadcasting 24/7 live from Miami, Florida & Haiti

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RTELH© 2023. All rights reserved.

RTELH© 2023. All rights reserved.